Update - Reseller Module Infos

Signed-off-by: Thomas Brinkmann <doyl@dsh.icu>
Thomas Brinkmann 2 years ago
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commit 25517d5391
Signed by: Conan_Doyl
GPG Key ID: 84CE0DE4F6E56C70
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@ -57,6 +57,17 @@ Desweiteren muss beachtet werden das in der Aktuellen Version kein Template Mana
|Version | Beschreibung | Datum | Download |
|------ | ------ | ------ | ---- |
**0.8** | **Released** (``Getestet in WHMCS 8.2.x & 8.4``) | **10.02.2022** | **[Download v0.8](https://rose.dsh-mirror.de/reseller/whmcs-module/0.8/dshreseller_v0.8.0.zip)**
|-| Renamed the Module from ``dshreseller`` to ``manageservers`` to become more whitelabled
|**⚠**|**Please delete the ``/modules/servers/dshreseller`` to avoid errors before you upload the new version. Please check also your "Servers" and Products that they have assigned the correct module.**|⚠|⚠|
|-|Added full language support - https://git.dsh.gg/Conan_Doyl/DSHReseller-Languagefiles |
|-|Import the old Data from the dshreseller Module|
|-|Permission Manager has been improved, permissions now correct implemented|
|-|Template Manager updated - Fully customizable Admin/Client Templates|
|-|Added a hook for the Clientarea Panel|
|-|Danish Language added - Thanks to Mikkel for the Translations|
|-|Spanish Language partial added - Thanks to Mikkel for the Translations|
|-|A lot of bugfixes from v0.7.x
**0.6** | **Pre-Release** (``Getestet in WHMCS 7.10.x``) | **19.03.2021** | **[Download v0.6](https://rose.dsh-mirror.de/reseller/whmcs-module/0.6/DSH_Reseller_v0.6.zip)**
|-| Added an Addon to manage some more Settings for the Reseller itself. |
|-| Added a search function to find services by their IP or their ID. |